Shuozhou Xiayao Coal Industry Take More Measures Simultaneously Rush to Joint Test Run


In recent days, Shuozhou Xiayao Coal Industry take more measures simultaneously, has made substantial progress. At present, it is sprinting to the joint test.  


First, is vigorously to promote the drainage works, suction drainage work leadership group is established in a timely manner, refine pumping drainage scheme, installation measures and emergency plans, forced drainage work, none of underground equipment was damaged, has achieved obvious results; Second, the rectification is in place. On the basis of the comprehensive inspection of self-check and the city company, tracking has chosen in terms of the security hidden dangers found, and the rectification was carried out one by one. Third, the basic construction is fully completed. Starting from the construction project, installation engineering, cable suspension project and ground civil engineering, strict quality control is made, and the management is refined, standardized, normalized and programmed. Fourth, make preparation work of basic data collection. Fifth, is the unit engineering certification progress smoothly. Instruct personnel, share out the work and cooperate with one another, refine the work at the same time, strengthen communication and coordination, a total of 39 certification unit engineering has been completed, are doing preparations for the joint test run.  



                                                                                ——by Zheng Fue 

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