Changzhi Thermoelectric Conducted Self inspection on Safe and Civilized Production Dynamic Target


Since September 15, according to requirements from Jinneng Power GroupPower Generation Enterprise Safe & Civilized Production Dynamic Target Inspection Rules, Changzhi Thermoelectric Company adopt improving way of self checking & self-evaluation, complete rectification, consolidate, organized a self-evaluation of safety production management standardization work, further improve safety management level. 


Changzhi Thermoelectric Company organize safety management personnel restudying the detailed assessment rules for the production of the safety and civilization production of power generation enterprises, and fully grasped the specific requirements of the dynamic standard.  They has carried on the thorough deployment for dynamic safety production standard self-reported work at the same time, from four aspects of the comprehensive administration of production safety, job security and safety protection facilities, safe and civilized production management, equipment without leakage and fire explosion, according to different nature of each department, team work, decomposition on self-reported job responsibility, clear various departments responsibility. Organize departments and team work for its own self-assessment, security management personnel compare with the power generation enterprise safety production dynamic quality detailed rules, everyday conduct inspection for each department and team work safety in production situation, to improvement project found, formulate corrective measures immediately, clear corrective responsibility, do a good job in the implementation of the rectification. 


                                                                             ——by Xu Gang 

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