Zhongneng Coal Washing Plant Transform Flotation Feeding Pretreatment System to Lower Cost


In early September, Zhongneng Coal Washing Plant completed transformation of flotation feeding pretreatment system. After the comparison and analysis of the production data in the last week, the atomization particle size of the flotation agent was improved, and the mixing speed was fast, the flotation effect was good, and dosage of agent was reduced by 20%. 


Before transformation, the flotation pretreatment system consists of "agent emulsifier + pipeline mixer + feeding tube". The long-term production practice and the change of flotation index indicate that the original pretreatment system cannot meet the requirements of the current flotation process. Under the joint efforts of coal washery maintenance personnel and installation group, after cutting flotation feed tube, adjusting pipe mixer and a series of installation process, with nearly two days time transform flotation pretreatment system into "pipeline mixer + pipeline atomizer + feed tube" this new system. After the transformation, besides flotation pretreatment system has a good effect on the flotation effect, and the fuel consumption is obviously reduced, the system has no moving parts, no supporting power plant and low energy consumption. The pipe atomizer is easy to operate, easy to adjust, no noise, low failure rate, long service life, good reliability and low maintenance workload. 



                                                                                                 ——by Wei Guo 

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